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Political Adviser

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ANNEX 1- Call for Contributions

 Organisation:  European Union Special Representative in Kosovo
Job Location:  Kosovo
 Availability:  ASAP
 Contract Regime:  Seconded/Contracted


 Job Titles/Vacancy Notice: Political Adviser (VN 001/2018) – 1 position (Pristina) Seconded/Contracted – Expert level
 Deadline for applications: 17 August 2018














Email address to send the Job Application Form/CV:

 For seconded candidates:

Interested candidates should use the standard application form (Annex 2). Only applications submitted by authorized National Authorities will be considered as seconded. National Authorities nominating candidates are kindly requested to send the respective application forms using the Annex 2 to the following email address:

 For contracted candidates:

Interested candidates, who wish to apply for vacancies open to contracted candidates, should use the standard application form (Annex 2) and submit the application to the email address below:


General aspects for seconded and contracted candidates:

Interested candidates should use the standard application form (Annex 2), in which they can list all positions for which they are interested. It is essential that both the job title and corresponding reference number are clearly marked in the form.











For more information related to the selection and recruitment, please contact:

Aida Zunic (Ms) – EUSR in Kosovo Support Team Tel: + 381 38 51 31 602

Syzana Selimi (Ms) – EUSR in Kosovo Support Team Tel: + 381 38 51 31 603


For updates on this position and other EUSR positions please check our website officer-–-eu-policies_en

Seconded Personnel – For seconded positions, only personnel nominations received through official channels from EU Member States will be considered. Contributing States will bear all personnel-related costs for seconded personnel, including salaries, medical coverage and travel expenses to and from the Mission area (including home leave).

Contracted Personnel – The EUSR may recruit international staff on a contractual basis as required, through an employment contract. The employment contract with the EUSR establishes the conditions of employment, rights  and obligations, remuneration, allowances, travel and removal expenses and the applicable standard risk insurance policy.

The EEAS, Western Balkans Division, requests EU Member States and European Institutions to second experts or to support the applications for contract regime to the available position with the EUSR Support Team in Kosovo, according to the described requirements and profile:


A.     Essential Requirements

Citizenship – Citizen of a Member State of the European Union (EU) and enjoying full rights as a citizen.

Integrity – The candidates must maintain the highest standards of personal integrity, impartiality and self-discipline within the EUSR Support Team. Participants are not allowed to provide or discuss any information or document as a result of access to classified and/or sensitive information related to the EUSR Support Team or respective tasks and activities. The participants shall carry out their duties and act in the interest of the EUSR.

Negotiation Skills – The candidates must have excellent negotiating skills and the ability to work professionally in a stressful and diverse environment.

Flexibility and adaptability – The candidates must be able to work in arduous conditions with a limited network of support and with unpredictable working hours and a considerable workload. They must have the ability to work professionally as a member of the team with excellent interpersonal and communication skills and must be able to cope with possible extended separation from family.

Physical and mental health – The candidates must be physically fit and in good health without any physical or mental problems or substance dependency which can impair operational performance in the EUSR Support Team.

Ability to communicate effectively in English and other languages – The candidates must be fully fluent in written and oral English language. Knowledge of any of local languages will be an asset.

Knowledge of the EU Institutions – The candidates should have good knowledge of the EU Institutions and international standards, particularly related to the Common Foreign and Security Policy, including the Common Security and Defence Policy.

Knowledge of the Western Balkans – The candidates should have good knowledge of the history, culture, social and political situation of the Western Balkans, in particular through field experience in a multilateral working environment.

Computer Skills – Skills in word processing, spreadsheet and e-mail systems are essential. Knowledge of other IT tools will be an asset.

Driving Licence – Be in possession of a valid – including Balkans/Kosovo area – civilian driver licence for motor vehicles (Category B or equivalent). Being able to drive any 4wheel drive vehicles.

Serious deficiencies in any of these essential requirements may result in repatriation/termination of the secondment/contract.


B.     Essential Documents and Requirements for the Selected Candidates 

Passport – The selected candidate must obtain a passport from their respective national authorities. Possession of a valid diplomatic or service passport for seconded participants is optional.

Visas – Contributing States and selected candidate must ensure that visas are obtained for entry into Kosovo prior to departure from their home country. It is also essential to obtain any transit visas, which may be required for passage through countries en route to the Balkans/Kosovo area.

Personnel Security Clearance (PSC) – The selected candidate will have to be in possession of the necessary level of Personnel Security Clearance (PSC) as specified in the respective job description

Medical Certificate – The selected candidates should undergo an medical examination and be certified medically fit for mission duty by a competent authority from the contributing State. This certification must accompany deployed seconded/contracted personnel.


C.     Additional Information on the Selection Process

Gender balance – The EU strives for improved gender balance in CSDP operations in compliance with UNSCR 1325. The EUSR in Kosovo encourages contributing States and European Institutions to take this into account when offering contributions.

Application Form – Applications will be considered only when using the standard Application Form (Annex 2), and indicating which position(s) the candidate is applying for.

Selection process – The candidates considered to be most suitable will be shortlisted and interviewed by audio/video skype/phone, before the final selection is made.

Information on the Outcome – Candidates applying for the contracted positions as well as Contributing States and European Institutions will be informed about the outcome of the selection process after its completion.


D.     Job Descriptions 

Political Adviser Seconded/Contracted Expert level

The Kosovo-based Political Adviser will be part of the EUSR team tasked to help implement different elements of the Pristina-Belgrade dialogue agreement.

S/he will liaise closely with relevant staff from EUSR, EU Office in Pristina, and with local authorities in Kosovo in finding workable solutions to existing challenges. S/he will also undertake close liaison and cooperation with other EU, international and local stakeholders as necessary.

The Political Adviser will perform his/her tasks under the overall supervision of the EUSR, in close coordination with EEAS Dialogue Team and in the context of the work of the EUSR/EU Office political Team.


1.      Main tasks and responsibilities 

  • Support, assist and advise the EUSR, as well as members of the EEAS Dialogue Team on a broad range of dialogue related issues;
  • Lead and facilitate implementation of arrangements and results achieved through the EU facilitated Dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade;
  • Draft and implement project and other proposals for implementation;
  • Monitor developments of implementation and advise on all issues of relevance in relevant fields;
  • Prepare precise summaries and reports on relevant issues and advise the EUSR, and members of the EEAS Dialogue Team accordingly;
  • Analyse possible implications of emerging issues and make recommendations on possible measures;
  • Liaise with EU institutions and offices, missions and international partners as well as local and regional actors and organisations in Pristina with a view of ensuring clear communication and broad consultative and inclusive process among actors involved;
  • Undertake any other task as


2.      Job requirements 

  • University degree in Law, Political Sciences, International Relations, Public or Business Administration/Management or other relevant field;
  • At least 8 years of professional experience, of which a minimum of 5 should be at a high professional level, preferably in the international context;
  • Proven track record in a negotiation, mediation or dialogue capacity in an international mission or bilateral Embassy;
  • Good knowledge of the European Union policies and institutions, particularly CFSP, including ESDP, and Enlargement policies;
  • Proven experience in programme and project management/ implementation, preferably in the EU context;
  • Experience in legal practice and legal drafting desirable;
  • Knowledge of the region, its history and culture, the social and administrative structures in Kosovo and overall political situation;
  • Excellent organisational, analytical and problem-solving skills;
  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills;
  • Proven negotiation skills;
  • Ability to maintain high quality of input in a stressful working environment and to meet deadlines within a strict schedule;
  • International experience, particularly in crisis areas with multinational and international organisations desirable;
  • Ability to work independently but also as part of a team;
  • Be in possession of a valid – including Balkans/Kosovo area – civilian driver licence for motor vehicles (Category B or equivalent). Being able to drive EUSR official vehicles including 4wheel drive
  • Be in possession of a security clearance at the level of EU

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